Meet Matt, our Content Marketer
June 14, 2024

Meet Matt, our Content Marketer

As CultureSuite expands its horizons to share insights on how digital sustainability can be achieved for arts and culture venues, we need someone to convey these vital stories and highlight our vision. Matt joins our Growth Team with a penchant for storytelling and helping the arts and culture sector access the latest learnings and insights.

We’re thrilled to introduce Matt Yau, our new Content Marketer.

We sat down to find out more about him and why he wants to contribute to the arts and culture sector.

Hi Matt. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you did before joining CultureSuite?

Hey! I’m a writer who loves capturing curiosities and regaling in life’s stories. My love for storytelling was cemented when I studied English Literature at uni. But more recently, I’ve been a marketer bringing stories to life in both agency settings and tech companies.

What enticed you to join CultureSuite?

For me, there are few things in life more enjoyable than arts and culture. I’ve previously been involved in the sector as a new music journalist and a freelance PR agent in music. I've also run a few music events too.

So the opportunity to be involved in the industry again and help the sector thrive gives me immense purpose and meaning. But more importantly, when I first learned about CultureSuite, I became endeared by the mission statement and the desire to foster sustainable practices in the industry.

What’s your earliest experience of arts and culture? And how did it influence who you are today?

One of my earliest memories of arts and culture takes me back to primary school and the joyful choreography of Maypole dancing. This may have just been some quaint thing we did at my school, but the colourful ribbons swirling around the maypole are still etched in my mind.

However, it's music and photography that hold the deepest meaning for me. Music has been my refuge during some of the darkest times in my life. A world devoid of arts and culture would be painfully empty. Music taught me to truly listen, while photography opened my eyes to new perspectives. There was a period when I was completely obsessed with photography – even without a camera to my face, it felt like I was seeing the world through a viewfinder. The interplay of light, the odd angles, and the intricate layers of landscapes always captivated me.

So, it was only natural that I stepped into the roles of music journalist and music photographer right after university. Yet, despite the passion I poured into it, the financial reality forced me to leave that world behind. That's why I find deep meaning in helping this sector because it's just so lacking in economic stability compared to others.

One of Matt's favourite shots from his time as a music photographer.

How would you like to help the sector in your new role?

In this role, I have two main goals that ignite my passion.

First, I want to be a steadfast advocate for the arts and culture, championing their virtues and values. Too often, art is dismissed as a luxury or distraction, but I see it as the very essence of life. I want to challenge the narratives that undervalue its economic and existential benefits by sharing the incredible stories of the work produced in this industry and the profound impact it has on communities.

Second, I aim to amplify CultureSuite’s mission of making digital solutions more sustainable. With growing pressures on our climate and finances, sustainability is key to our future. I take immense pride in the fantastic work being done at CultureSuite and relish the opportunity to showcase our success stories and insights, demonstrating how our efforts support and strengthen our community of venues.

Together, these goals drive my commitment to making a meaningful difference, ensuring that the arts and digital sustainability both flourish in our ever-evolving world.

I urge anyone else in the sector to reach out to me on LinkedIn if they share common goals and ambitions as I believe collaborative efforts are more likely to lead to success.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your role at CultureSuite?

I enjoy music, photography, nature, reading, travel, philosophy and psychology. Balancing all these passions is a bit of a juggling act, so sometimes, certain things take a back seat. 

Especially when I’ve recently picked up even more interests such as anthropology and bouldering. 

You’ll often find me walking my dog in the British countryside with an anthropology or philosophy audiobook in one ear – the other ear must remain open to the sounds of nature!

This was taken during one of Matt's walks in the Lake District.

I've also been enjoying the process of film photography recently. Mobile photography has made the act of shooting extremely convenient, which has its benefits of course, so I love how shooting on film really forces you to be more conscious and conscientious. Especially when each roll of film costs over five pounds now! But I love processing my rolls of film even though it's hard to get right every time. I used to be bit of a perfectionist, which I hated about myself so film photography has taught me to appreciate and even enjoy imperfections.

Film photography has taught Matt to appreciate imperfections in life.

What is the most interesting (be that cool, random or otherwise!) thing that’s ever happened to you?

It's tough to pin down what counts as "interesting," let alone pick the most interesting thing I've done. But here are a few highlights that stand out.

I've loved watching my copy transform into dynamic multimedia marketing campaigns. There's something magical about seeing words take on a life of their own.

Then there's the thrill of brainstorming music gig ideas with friends and turning those ideas into actual events at our local venue – nothing beats the energy of a live show you helped bring to life.

But I also fondly reminisce about the random, captivating conversations I had with strangers during my solo travels. Each encounter adds a unique twist to the adventure, making every journey unforgettable.

Solo travelling is one of Matt's all-time great activities.

Interested in joining the CultureSuite team? Check our careers page to see what openings we currently have.

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