Meet Caroline, our new Product Designer
June 4, 2024

Meet Caroline, our new Product Designer

As our community of venues grows, so too does the need to make Peppered more accessible to new users. Caroline joins our versatile design team intending to help CultureSuite and our venues navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.

We’re thrilled to introduce Caroline Sia, our new Product Designer.

We sat to find out more about her and why she wants to contribute to the arts and culture sector.

Hi Caroline. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you did before joining CultureSuite?

Before joining CultureSuite, I was a Product Designer working in health tech. I would say my journey in design isn't straightforward. I spent around two years trying everything under the sun within the creative space, found product design, fell in love with it, and the rest is history.

What enticed you to join CultureSuite?

CultureSuite's blend of technology and art, in addition to its mission to make digital more sustainable for arts and culture, is what enticed me to join the team. I’ve always wanted to make a positive impact as a creative. I think CultureSuite would be a perfect place to do that.

What’s your earliest experience of arts and culture? And how did it influence who you are today?

When I was a kid, I played the violin. I got to take part in my school’s plays and ceremonies as a violinist as part of an orchestra which was super fun.

Growing up, I was also really inspired by my uncle, who's a full-time artist. Back then, I was convinced I'd follow in his footsteps. Things didn't exactly go as planned, but his passion for art definitely sparked my own creativity, which eventually led me to become a designer. I guess you could say I found my own way of being an artist!

One of Caroline's uncle's striking pieces.

How would you like to help the sector in your new role?

In the face of rapid technological advancements, companies must adapt to ensure their survival in today's evolving ecosystem. I want to help businesses adapt to the ever-changing tech landscape. That way, they can focus on what they love and thrive in the digital age.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your role at CultureSuite?

I like to swim and try my best to stay a little active. I also make illustrations and have several side projects in the works but all in all, I really like to just stay at home and watch movies, specifically ones dotted across Asia. 

What is the most interesting (be that cool, random or otherwise!) thing that’s ever happened to you?

I don't know if this is cool, but during my recent solo trip to Malaysia, it was the first time I've been abroad in years (literally since I was 2-years-old). So being on a plane was definitely an experience, that and a spontaneous trip to Singapore is definitely something I will never forget.

Road trip to Ipoh in Malaysia.

Interested in joining the CultureSuite team? Check our careers page to see what openings we currently have.

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“We’re absolutely thrilled with the transformation of our website, thanks to the fantastic work by CultureSuite and the power of Peppered! We've now got a distinct digital identity, that captures the vibrant spirit of our business. The seamless integration with Spektrix has simplified our event management, automating many tasks that used to be manual.”

Rhys McKinnell
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