Elevating Arts & Culture Websites: CultureSuite and Chaptr Join Forces
May 14, 2024

Elevating Arts & Culture Websites: CultureSuite and Chaptr Join Forces

CultureSuite partners with Chaptr, a leading web design agency, to redefine arts and culture websites. Chaptr will be using CultureSuite’s CMS, Peppered, to create a visually stunning and functional website Rose Theatre. This collaboration promises a new era of digital innovation, empowering cultural organisations to thrive online.
Matt Yau

Collaboration lies at the heart of CultureSuite's philosophy, where community engagement ensures that venues actively shape the development of our products. Embracing this collaborative spirit, CultureSuite has joined forces with Chaptr, an esteemed design agency renowned for its expertise in the arts and culture sector.

At the heart of this new partnership lies the Peppered CMS, CultureSuite's cutting-edge content management system. Chaptr will harness Peppered's industry-specific features to craft bespoke websites that are as functional as they are visually compelling.

This marks the start of our journey to build long-lasting relationships with design and branding agencies who need a partner to handle the tech so they can create stunning designs without any technical turbulence.

With Chaptr's expertise in design and CultureSuite's innovative CMS, arts and culture venues can expect a seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and industry-specific functionality. Right out of the box, Peppered’s built-in integrations, time-saving automation tools, and accessibility best practices help venues boost ticket sales while making it easy for their digital marketing teams to manage their website, emails and digital signage.

The partnership reflects CultureSuite's ambitious vision to collaborate with leading design agencies, like Chaptr, to deliver tailored digital solutions for arts and culture organisations. By leveraging Peppered's capabilities, Chaptr aims to redefine the digital landscape for cultural venues, providing them with dynamic and engaging websites that captivate audiences and drive growth.

The first venue to benefit from this partnership is Rose Theatre – the largest producing theatre in South West London. They have a rich history of providing a platform for theatrical productions, artistic expression and community engagement. We can’t wait to see how Chaptr will articulate this with their designs and UX proposals.

"We're thrilled to partner with Chaptr to bring our innovative CMS, Peppered, to the forefront of arts and culture website design," says David Johnstone, CGO of CultureSuite. "Together, we're committed to empowering cultural organisations with the tools and technologies they need to thrive sustainably in the digital age."

Chaptr echoes this sentiment, expressing excitement about the opportunity to collaborate with CultureSuite. "Our partnership with CultureSuite cements our commitment to offering diverse and pioneering website solutions for arts and culture venues," says Joe Perkins, Founder of Chaptr. "By leveraging Peppered's capabilities, we're confident that we can create immersive digital experiences that resonate with audiences and drive impact for our clients."

As the partnership between Chaptr and CultureSuite takes flight, the arts and culture sector can look forward to a new era of digital innovation and creativity. With a shared commitment to elevating arts and culture websites, these two industry leaders are always looking outwardly to deliver the right solutions for every venue.

For arts, culture and entertainment venues seeking to enhance their digital presence, the collaboration between Chaptr and CultureSuite offers a compelling solution. With Peppered as the driving force behind their websites, venues can embark on a journey of digital transformation, unlocking new possibilities and reaching greater heights of success in the digital domain.

Looking to partner with us? If you’re a technology provider, design agency or supplier for the arts and culture sector, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

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“We’re absolutely thrilled with the transformation of our website, thanks to the fantastic work by CultureSuite and the power of Peppered! We've now got a distinct digital identity, that captures the vibrant spirit of our business. The seamless integration with Spektrix has simplified our event management, automating many tasks that used to be manual.”

Rhys McKinnell
CEO, Pub Culture (The Fire Station)