Meet Selinde, our Customer Success Manager
May 27, 2024

Meet Selinde, our Customer Success Manager

Selinde joins our ever-growing Customer Success team supporting both Dutch-speaking and English-speaking venues.

We’re thrilled to introduce Selinde, our new Customer Success Manager.

We sat down with her to find out more about her and why she wants to contribute to the arts and culture sector.

Hi Selinde. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you did before joining CultureSuite?

I’m a born and raised ‘Amsterdammer’, currently settled and very happy in Edinburgh, Scotland! 

I have an MSc and a background in cultural sociology. Before CultureSuite, I joined a tech scale-up where I gained experience in sales, project management, and client management. 

What enticed you to join CultureSuite?

I learned a lot in the tech sector – most notably how fun it is to be a Customer Success Manager - but after a few years, I was keen to move into a sector closer to my heart. CultureSuite and our clients seemed like a great place to get the best of both worlds. 

Also, as a Dutch person living in the UK, CultureSuite’s team was a pretty perfect fit for me! 

What’s your earliest experience of arts and culture? And how did it influence who you are today?

When I was young, my mother, my grandma and I would go to the ballet almost every school holiday. I have loved ballet for as long as I can remember and still love it today! Now, I often listen to the music from my favourite ballets while working. 

How would you like to help the sector in your new role?

I’m passionate about making arts and culture accessible to all. As a cultural sociologist, I think it’s incredibly important that culture is available everywhere and for everyone; whether that is in big theatres in capital cities or smaller theatres in rural communities.

I think that CultureSuite is helping to make this possible for cultural institutions by offering a sustainable digital solution that is adaptable to client needs. I’m hoping to make my contribution to an accessible arts and culture sector by working together with CultureSuite’s many clients on their digital presence. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of your role at CultureSuite?

I love to read and I run a book club with some friends in my free time. I also take myself on lots of solo cinema dates. So, if you’re ever looking to chat about a movie that has just come out, there is a good chance I’ve seen it and would love to discuss! 

What is the most interesting (be that cool, random or otherwise!) thing that’s ever happened to you?

The most interesting...that’s a lot of pressure! A few years ago, I went on a boat tour in California and our boat was surrounded by Humpback whales. I also got to see two Blue whales, which was pretty cool to me!

Interested in joining the CultureSuite team? Check our careers page to see what openings we currently have.

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