CultureSuite Sponsors TPC NYC: Supporting Knowledge Sharing in Arts and Culture
June 17, 2024

CultureSuite Sponsors TPC NYC: Supporting Knowledge Sharing in Arts and Culture

CultureSuite proudly sponsors TPC NYC, enhancing accessibility for attendees and fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing in the arts. Learn how our support for this prestigious event aligns with our mission to empower cultural organisations.
Matt Yau

Since its inception in 2015, the Ticketing Professionals Conference (TPC) has been a valuable source of knowledge, insights, and inspiration. It’s an event that has always rewarded us with enriching experiences and invaluable connections, leading to exciting partnership opportunities and new business ventures.

As we look to expand the CultureSuite brand in North America, sponsoring TPC NYC is a perfect opportunity to connect with more cultural organisations in the region. But sponsoring TPC NYC is more than just about promoting our brand in North America. We also find deep meaning in being able to support the arts and culture sector and enable knowledge sharing – something we also do via our community platform, CultureHub.

By sponsoring TPC NYC, we help to keep ticket prices significantly lower than usual for such a high-calibre conference, making it accessible for more attendees to benefit from the incredible talks, the invaluable knowledge that’s shared and new friendships which could easily turn into lasting partnerships.

That was certainly the case for us at TPC 2019. That was the year that Coen van der Poll, founder of Peppered, met David Johnstone, founder of After Digital. The resulting conversations led to an agreement to partner on De Doelen’s new website. Not only was the project a success. But both businesses developed a mutual appreciation of digital sustainability in arts and culture. So, a few years later, the two businesses merged to form CultureSuite.

Working with Queens Theatre, which is now benefiting from the use of our Peppered CMS, also adds a special touch to this event. This partnership showcases our commitment to collaboration in the sector. The use of Queens Theatre’s venue for TPC NYC has also contributed to keeping delegate ticket prices low, further enhancing accessibility for attendees.

At CultureSuite, we believe in the power of community and the importance of continuous learning and collaboration. Sponsoring TPC NYC aligns perfectly with our mission to empower cultural organisations, providing them with the tools and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

We are excited to support TPC NYC and look forward to the meaningful connections, knowledge sharing, and innovative ideas that will undoubtedly emerge from this incredible event. Together, let's move arts and culture forward.

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“We’re absolutely thrilled with the transformation of our website, thanks to the fantastic work by CultureSuite and the power of Peppered! We've now got a distinct digital identity, that captures the vibrant spirit of our business. The seamless integration with Spektrix has simplified our event management, automating many tasks that used to be manual.”

Rhys McKinnell
CEO, Pub Culture (The Fire Station)