CultureSuite Press Release
January 8, 2024

CultureSuite Press Release

Introducing CultureSuite: uniting the arts, culture and entertainment sector for a sustainable digital future.

CultureSuite launches on November 23, 2023, heralding a transformative approach to digital sustainability for the arts, culture and entertainment sector. With a growing community of over 90 clients across the Netherlands, UK, USA, Belgium, Denmark, and Norway, CultureSuite is set to redefine the way cultural organisations view and invest in their digital presence.

This innovative platform, born from the merger of Peppered and After Digital, challenges the traditional, costly cycle of website redevelopment faced by arts organisations. In a sector where subscription-based models for ticketing, event management, and CRM are the norm, CultureSuite challenges the outdated notion that websites are one-off projects. Why reinvent the digital wheel with every website iteration when you can have a dynamic, ever-evolving digital presence?

CultureSuite proposes a radical shift: a monthly or yearly subscription model for your website, akin to the familiar models used for ticketing and event management platforms—providing a continuous, evolving digital service that grows alongside each organisation.

At its heart, CultureSuite is about transforming how the arts and culture sector views and uses digital technology. The platform embraces the belief that collaboration and community drive innovation. By joining CultureSuite, organisations tap into a network that includes not only other arts entities but also integrates seamlessly with leading ticketing providers, marketing and event planning tools, CRMs, and payment systems. This ensures that CultureSuite's ecosystem aligns with the majority of existing tech stacks.

The core beliefs of CultureSuite are reflected in its commitment to tailor-made solutions for the sector, designed to be configurable, ensuring that each organisation’s digital presence can grow and change without the need for costly overhauls. CultureSuite believes that human support should come as standard, and that it is this direct support that drives CultureSuite’s development, fostering an environment of community-driven innovation. Collaboration isn’t just a feature of CultureSuite—it’s the foundation. 

The core beliefs of CultureSuite are reflected in its commitment to tailor-made solutions for the sector, adaptability through configurable systems, human-centric support, and the power of community-driven innovation. Collaboration isn’t just a feature of CultureSuite—it’s the foundation.

CultureSuite is built on the following core beliefs:

  • Industry-specific solutions - The arts and culture sector needs tailor-made tools to handle its unique challenges. 
  • Configurable, not custom - Digital solutions should be adaptable to change; we’re focused on evolutions, not revolutions.
  • Real people, not robots - ‍Human support should come standard, not tacked on at an hourly rate.
  • Inspire and be inspired - We encourage the community to drive new ideas and in turn, benefit from the ideas of others.
  • Collaboration is key - A more cooperative style model isn’t just sustainable; it’s how you thrive long-term.
"Our vision with CultureSuite is to redefine digital strategy for the arts and culture sector, making digital more sustainable" said Coen van der Poll, Founder of CultureSuite. "It's time to move away from the isolated, costly rebuilds of digital assets and embrace a sustainable, cooperative approach that benefits the entire community."

As digital becomes an increasingly vital aspect of cultural engagement, CultureSuite stands ready to assist organisations in not only meeting but exceeding their digital aspirations. With CultureSuite, arts, culture and entertainment entities can confidently embrace a digital strategy that is as dynamic and enduring as the arts themselves.

CultureSuite is not just a technological solution; it’s a commitment to ensuring that the digital experience of every arts and culture organisation is as resilient and creative as the performances and exhibitions they showcase. Join us in our mission to make digital sustainability the new standard for the arts and culture sector.

Join us in pioneering a future where digital sustainability is not just a vision but a reality for the entire arts, culture and entertainment sector.

About CultureSuite:

CultureSuite is a pioneering digital platform for arts, culture and entertainment organisations. At the heart of CultureSuite is a collaborative digital ecosystem, designed specifically for the arts and culture community. This subscription model ensures that your digital tools grow with you, backed by a network of industry partners and a commitment to ongoing enhancement. It's a dynamic, community-powered solution where innovation and sustainability are built into the very fabric of its services.

CultureSuite brings a new perspective to digital solutions in the arts—with a focus on long-term sustainability and community collaboration. It's a subscription service where every update and new feature is a shared step forward for the entire sector.

CultureSuite is a pioneering digital platform for arts and culture organisations, offering a sustainable, subscription-based digital ecosystem. With a community of theatres, cultural centres, arenas, dance venues, orchestras, concert halls, and museums, CultureSuite is dedicated to making digital more sustainable for the arts and culture sector globally.

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“We’re absolutely thrilled with the transformation of our website, thanks to the fantastic work by CultureSuite and the power of Peppered! We've now got a distinct digital identity, that captures the vibrant spirit of our business. The seamless integration with Spektrix has simplified our event management, automating many tasks that used to be manual.”

Rhys McKinnell
CEO, Pub Culture (The Fire Station)